Drag Brunch with Hors and Friends Show Information

We’re excited to see all of you at Slainte (80 Jarvis Avenue, Holyoke, MA) for Drag Brunch with Hors and Friends! A few reminders before you come to the show:

1) Seating for the show begins at 11:45 am (though sometimes a few minutes earlier) in the upstairs banquet area of the restaurant. When you arrive, check-in at the door with the name of the ticket purchaser. Seating at this show will be first-come, first-served. Feel free to save seats for the rest of your party once you arrive.

2) The proper wearing of face masks – over both your mouth and nose – and proof of vaccination are required to enter. Please let everyone in your party know this before arriving at Slainte. If you have any questions about these requirements, contact us at this email address.

3) Please remain seated after you enter. The servers will help you get drinks and have requested no one stand at the bar or in the walking path.

4) The buffet will open around noon and the show will start as soon as the buffet line ends, typically around 12:30ish. We will be calling people to the buffet one table at a time and each guest will need to wear a face mask and utilize hand sanitizer before serving their food.

5) Be sure to dress comfortably, in layers you can easily shed. Our event makes for a  warm afternoon of fun, no matter what the weather is like outside! 

6) Tipping is a customary part of drag shows; we’ll go over the many ways to tip and interact with the performers, but be sure to have ones on hand if you want to show the performers some love. If you need us to break bills at the show, we’ll have a limited amount of ones for making change. They run out quickly, so the best guarantee for ones is to run to the bank – but we’re happy to be your backup-money spot while supplies last! You can also tip us digitally by adding Venmo to your phone. Search for the handle @houseofhors and all tips will be distributed to our performers after the show.

7) Photos and videos are perfectly fine at the show, but also try to live in the moment as much as you can. We find that the best photos you’ll probably take will happen after the show, where everyone in our cast is pleased as punch to pose for photos with you. Seriously. Take some photos with us and it’ll make our day! And if you take pictures with us/of us, please tag us on Facebook or Instagram! We love to see photos and it’s always a pleasure for us to take pictures with you after the show, so don’t be shy about asking. 

8) Lastly, we know that many of you know performers in the show, but be aware that you are NOT allowed to go into the dressing rooms to talk to them or hang out. This includes the doorway of the dressing rooms and the archway leading to the dressing rooms.

Thank you again for your ticket purchase to Drag Brunch with Hors and Friends. We’ll see you all at Slainte for brunch and fun times!